1984 Crestec is established in Hamamatsu. Crestec USA is established in Los Angeles.
1985 Tokyo office opens.
1986 New office building opens at corporate head office.
1988 Overseas branch opens in Brussels. Crestec USA is renamed Crestec L.A.
1991 Crestec L.A. merges with Graphtech Color. (The merged company is called Crestec L.A.) Crestec Hong Kong is established to serve as our branch in Southeast Asia.
1993 Tokyo office is reorganized to assume greater operational role. Matsumoto office opens.
1995 Nagoya office opens. European office relocates from Brussels to Amsterdam.
1996 Local subsidiary is established in Bangkok. Crestec Hong Kong is renamed Crestec Asia.
1997 Printing plant is established as local subsidiary in Jakarta. Hong Kong liaison office opens in Shenzhen.
1998 Manila office opens. Osaka office opens, and Media Planning Section is established.
1999 Suzhou Crestec is created through merger with a Suzhou printing company. Crestec Shanghai is established. Carton printing plant in Indonesia starts operation.
2000 OKI Business Digital (OBD) is acquired in New Jersey and renamed CDI (Crestec Digital Inc.). Local subsidiary is established in Manila.
2001 Jakarta and Surabaya plants start operation.
2002 Fukuoka and Sapporo offices open. Local subsidiary is established in Malaysia.
2003 Dongguan printing plant starts operation. Suzhou printing plant starts operation. Fulfillment center is established in Iwata.
2004 Local subsidiary is established in Shenzhen. Dalian office opens. Tokyo office relocates to accommodate expanded operations.
2005 Fukuoka and Nagoya offices relocate to accommodate expanded operations. Local subsidiary in Europe relocates and is renamed Crestec Europe. Local subsidiary is established in Ho Chi Minh City. Kochi office opens. Packaging Design Section is established in Nagoya. Crestec Solutions is established in Tokyo.
2006 Second Dongguan printing plant starts operation. Crestec L.A. merges with CDI to form Crestec USA.
2007 Fulfillment center relocates to Hamamatsu. Two Dongguan printing plants merge to improve efficiency. Crestec Solutions relocates within Tokyo. Production Center, an office specializing in production, is established in Fukuoka.
2009 Dalian office relocates to accommodate expanded operations. Nagoya office relocates. Branch of the Production Center is established at the Hamamatsu office. Yantai kitting office opens. Crestec Solutions merges with Crestec. Business tie-up with GYOSEI Corporation.
2010 Crestec Asia (Hong Kong) relocates. Crestec Philippines relocates. Production Center (Fukuoka) relocates.
2011 German office of Crestec Europe opens. Fiscal period changed to June. Media Planning Section reorganized into Creative Innovation Center. Masashi Ueno becomes Director and Corporate Adviser. Akira Takabayashi becomes President.
2013 The Russian office opens its doors in Moscow.
2015 Crestec Europe B.V. celebrates its 20th anniversary.
2015 On 8 July 2015, Crestec Inc. goes public on the JASDAQ of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2016 Crestec Europe B.V. closes its Moscow office.