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Crestec Europe, Amsterdam

Back in 1995, Crestec Amsterdam was founded as a translation centre for the entire Crestec Group. We started out here with only 5 very enthusiastic employees and grew to be the global leader in documentation services that we are now, with over 40 staff members and a network of hundreds of dedicated professional partners. Ten years after its opening, our company became Crestec Europe, highlighting its position as the language expert within the Crestec Group.
Translation is still a major part of our activities, but an equal proportion of our turnover is now derived from printing. Other activities include software localisation, client administration, DTP, technical writing, design and CD production. Fulfilment and logistics are also a growing part of our business.
Crestec Europe has steadily grown since its beginnings and continues to do so even in our current, highly competitive sector. Our dedicated specialists, the hundreds of professionals working with us and over a decade of experience are the foundations of our success.

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